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As you progress through life, your financial needs change. Your requirements as a young professional differ from your requirements as a parent, as do the eventual financial needs you will have as a retiree. A dynamic financial plan ensures that your changing money situation remains aligned with your unique set of goals and objectives.

Genesis Wealth Advisors believes that everyone, regardless of life stage, should have a financial plan to guide them through monetary decisions. Our financial experts have developed an array of online tools designed to help you take control of your financial life.

Everyone’s personal finance needs are different. Each person has his or her own priorities and objectives. We provide you with the tools to create a custom financial plan to help you attain your goals. Our interactive site will help you assess your current financial situation, as well as better define your future objectives. Once you know where you are financially, and where you want to be in the future, we create a strategy to help you accomplish your goals.

Our wealth management professionals understand what it takes to succeed. Years of first-hand experience helping our clients achieve their own unique objectives have provided us with valuable perspective. We’ve spent a significant amount of time designing tools that can be used by anyone to chart a path to financial freedom. Discover basic wealth management techniques that we can apply to your individual situation, and create the right plan for you – right from the comfort of your home, using our customizable online tools.

Comprehensive Planning

Successful individuals are confronted with a real dilemma. You can choose a small firm that delivers good personal service, but you might find that it lacks the resources to effectively manage a large portfolio. However, a large firm with significant portfolio management capacity could very well view you as just an account number. Your hard-earned millions seem insignificant compared to the billions, or trillions, that they manage.

Genesis Wealth Advisors offers something a little new – a third option – a hybrid, of sorts. As a medium-sized wealth management firm, we deliver the personal attention that high net worth clients deserve. Our investment team has a depth of experience managing portfolios for institutional and high net worth investors. Beyond that, our network of well-known institutional money managers can provide high-level portfolio management under our direction. To safeguard your assets, we maintain strategic alliances with large qualified custodians like Fidelity, Schwab, and Bank of New York/Mellon’s Pershing affiliate.

Our team of professionals can help you create a comprehensive roadmap to suit your individual needs. We assess your situation and consider your unique goals. Next, we build a plan, determining how to design your portfolio in its entirety, and who should manage different portions. We rebalance and reallocate as times change. Together, we build a comprehensive financial plan that reflects your wishes and achieves your objectives.

You don’t have to deal with the large, impersonal firm. You can receive the personal service and attention you deserve. We will integrate seamlessly with your banker, estate planning attorney, accountant and other members of your wealth management team. One call to your team leader at Genesis addresses your financial and investment needs. A member of the Genesis Wealth Advisors leadership is involved with every high net worth client relationship, directly accessible to answer questions or concerns. Your future deserves that kind of attention.

college saving

It’s no secret that the cost of a college education has risen dramatically over the past decade. According to the College Board, the average cost of four years at a private college was about $139,670 in 2016. Based on the recent rate of tuition increases, that cost is projected to rise to $340,000 by 2028. And, that doesn’t include room and board!

There is no magic formula to solve the college savings challenge. The most effective solution is to start saving while your children are young and to maintain a disciplined saving and investment strategy. Whether your child’s college days are a few years away or more than a decade away, we can help you reach your goals for college funding. Our advisors have families of their own and have personally experienced the challenge of paying for college. We can help you and your children achieve your college goals too.

investment advice

The key to long-term financial success is to develop—and stick with—a strategy that reflects your personal objectives and risk tolerance. Yet history has shown that when the markets turn volatile, many investors panic and sell. Then, after the market has risen, they feel more confident and start investing again. We believe this sell-low-buy-high strategy is a recipe for failure.

At Genesis Wealth Advisors, we understand that the right balance between risk and reward is different for every investor. That’s why our portfolio design process—what we call Genesis Dynamic Portfolio Management—creates a customized investment strategy that can carry you through all types of market conditions.

Understanding your attitudes toward money, risk, and reward is one of the keys to successful investing. Without this knowledge, many investors are destined to make the same mistakes repeatedly. We gather insights about your attitudes toward money and investments, as well as your preferred communication style. Your advisor uses this information to develop a customized strategy designed to meet your unique challenges and preferences.

retirement planningIf you’re like most people, planning for retirement is your single biggest financial challenge. To help you achieve your retirement goals, we help you envision what a successful retirement looks like to you. Then we design a retirement savings and portfolio management strategy that can help you grow—and protect—the savings you have worked so hard to accumulate. As you close in on retirement, we will gradually rebalance your asset allocation to reflect the increased need for income. If the market stumbles or your financial situation changes, we’ll suggest the best ways to stay on track.


Many elderly people can expect to spend at least some time in a long-term care facility, which is one of the costliest aspects of elder care. In Massachusetts, the median annual cost of long term care in a semi-private room came to $128,800 in 2015.

Caring for elderly loved ones can create financial and emotional stress for you and your family. If you or another member of your family requires an extended stay in a long-term care facility, savings can be quickly depleted if there is no plan in place to provide care and cover expenses. We can help you assess your long-term care options and create a comprehensive plan to meet your family’s needs.

estate planningWhile many people view estate planning as a legal issue, we believe estate planning is first and foremost a wealth management issue. A well-crafted estate plan can help ensure your assets remain at your disposal throughout your lifetime, while also enabling you to create a financial legacy for your heirs.

Our estate planning professionals can help you define your short-term and long-term objectives and balance your current needs against future considerations. We deploy a variety of tactics, including trusts, to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are followed – even if you become incapacitated. Whether you plan to pass a business on to your children, or make a bequest to charity, we can aid you in arranging matters so that your estate is distributed as you wish. We will work closely with your attorney to finalize the legal aspects of your estate plan, and if you don’t have an estate planning attorney, we can recommend a qualified specialist.

business-planningYour life goals are important to you.  Investing in yourself, through your own business, can be a path to accomplish your objectives. There are few ways that can create wealth as well as successful business venture. However, it can be overwhelming to run a successful business and then manage all of the aspects of your personal financial plan on your own. The way you structure agreements, pass on your wealth, and plan for business continuation can make a big difference.

A good wealth advisor should also be a business advisor who can help you seamlessly integrate your personal and business planning objectives. Not only can you create both business and investment wealth, but also preserve it for the future. Some of the issues that Genesis Wealth Advisors can help you with include:

  • Continuation Plans
  • Structured Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Inter-Generational Transfers

We can protect your assets, whether you plan to keep your business growing and thriving without you, or whether you want your interest to pass to another. Structuring wealth transfers between generations can sometimes by tricky. Our wealth management professionals can help you create a plan to protect your legacy.

In addition to knowing what it takes to create lasting wealth, we also understand the tax and legal issues surrounding business continuation plans, partnership agreements, and inter-generational transfers. Working with both your accountant and attorney, we can help you navigate those issues, and structure your portfolios, businesses and other assets, so that you can pass them on to those you care about – and so that you can protect yourself.