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Alignment Creates Success

our-processThere are countless financial planning and wealth management options from which to choose. While they may appear different at the surface, most of them work the same way. The planner asks you what your goals are. You provide a standard response like, “I want to retire comfortably”, or, “I want to pay for my kid’s education”. Without much added thought, those goals are immediately fed into a generic financial planning program which is supported by a commodity investment portfolio. Magically, your financial life plan has been created in 30 minutes online or in a one hour session with a representative.

At Genesis, our process is different. We spend a great deal of time learning what it is you truly care about, what you value, and how your dreams connect to your values. Then, and only then, do we move on to create a financial plan and design a supporting investment portfolio. We start with the “why” before moving on to the “what” and the “how”. We firmly believe that it’s only when your plan and your portfolio align with your dreams and values that you achieve happiness and success.