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Interesting Engineering: New Magnet-Free Electric Motor Needs No Maintenance

German automotive parts manufacturer MAHLE developed a new highly efficient magnet-free induction motor that is more environmentally friendly to produce, is cheaper to manufacture than comparable motors, and is maintenance-free, a press statement from the Stuttgart-based firm explains.

CNBC: Inflation drives up the cost of long-term care

Inflation has now topped staffing as the main concern about the rise in the cost of long-term care, according to a new study.

CNBC: Do not let market emotions knock you off long-term plan, says Merrill Wealth Management president

Andy Sieg, president of Merrill Wealth Management, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss markets ahead of the open on Wednesday.

CNBC: Are your student loans eligible for the White House forgiveness plan?

It’s something more than 40 million Americans have in common: They hold federal student loans. But the lending system is famously complicated, and these loans come with various names and terms depending on when they were taken out and for what purpose.

The Fixed Income Conundrum

There was a time when fixed income was the sleepy asset class where portfolio managers were put out to pasture. Bond portfolio management was predictable, safe, and boring, while the idea of a ‘rock star’ PM like Bill Gross or Jeff Gundlach would have been viewed as laughable.  Times have changed.