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Journal Your Way to Retirement Week 5

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It is week 5 of the Journal Your Way to Retirement Series.  We are currently journaling how we feel “today” about retirement.  As we move on in the series, we will get more creative in answering some of the blanks or blocks you may be running across.

I am curious how you like journaling?  Have you started to notice the benefits?  It might actually be too early for that.

Here are some benefits to journaling whether it is digital or handwritten:

It is a great road map for what you want in retirement.  Think about how much easier it is to take a trip across country (retirement) when you have a map by your side.

It will be a chronicle of your path towards an awesome retirement.

It can unlock creativity and even identify blocks.

It can increase your sense of awareness and reduce stress.

It can spur you into action.  We all know the power of brainstorming.

This week’s questions revolve around “health”.

Question #5:

How would you describe your physical and mental health today?

Do you think your health would be better in retirement? Why?

Do you think your health would be worse in retirement?  Why?

“This pouring thoughts out on paper has relieved me.  I feel better and full of confidence and resolution.”

                                                 -Diet Eman, Things we Couldn’t Say


Joan M. Gagnon


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