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Journal Your Way to Retirement Week 4

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It is week 4 of the Journal Your Way to Retirement Series. I spoke to several of you this week and the consensus was question #3 is very challenging. I knew it would be. But, that is OK. The purpose of these questions is to get you thinking deep down. We will be revisiting many of these early journal questions after you have done more journaling. So, keep going!!! The answers to these difficult questions will be filled in if you have any blanks.

This week I’d like you to think about “people” in your life. Let’s face it many of us have worked with the same people for years. The thought of never seeing some of these people again or only very occasionally may not sit well. Or, the thought of seeing a person daily because you won’t be going off to work can also be interesting. These questions are just exploratory. You’ll be resolving any feelings around “people” as you move through the series. Do not panic or suddenly decide you can’t retire.

Journal #4:
1) Make a list of the people that you currently work with or see regularly because of work that you will not see after you retire. For each person indicate if you will miss them, be happy you’ll never see them again or indifferent. And, don’t forget the maintenance man that has taken care of your office for years. Try to include as many people as possible. Keep a running list nearby.

2) Make a list of non-work related people that you see on a regular basis. For each person indicate if you will see them more, less, or the same. And, if you are married, don’t forget your spouse!

We’re all working together,
that is the secret.
-Sam Walton

Joan M. Gagnon

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