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Journal Your Way to Retirement Week 2

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It is week 2 of the Journal Your Way to Retirement Series. The first journal question got you thinking about retirement in a different way. It wasn’t about what you are going to “do” in retirement, but how do you “feel” about retirement. Big difference!

If you are having trouble getting started, try to set a special time of the week when you will journal. When I first started journaling many years ago, I had to force myself. I really thought it was inefficient and a waste of valuable time. But, as I persevered, I recognized the value of journaling.

Hey, did you know Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and many other US Presidents journaled every day? It is a great way to clarify your thoughts, plan and strategize.

Question #2:
Describe a typical week for you when you retire? Start with Sunday, then go day by day. Be very detailed. Include all activities (even cleaning out closets, housekeeping, cutting the lawn, grocery shopping, chopping wood) and the people you will be with during the week.

Joan M. Gagnon

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