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Journal Your Way to Retirement Week 1

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The subconscious and conscious minds are powerful resources that can give us exactly what we need to have a wonderful, joyous next phase of our life. By asking yourself powerful questions, the real truth will be revealed. What you think and believe has a profound effect on your world.

The journal questions will bring you from how you are feeling today to how you want to feel when you are retired. Your feelings will change as you move through each series of questions over the next few months. I recommend journaling for several weeks to move through the different realities of retirement.

Your attitude and intention around these journal questions matters greatly.

Writing down your thoughts on paper can actually generate feelings that can have an impact on your being. As you journal your way through these questions, be prepared to feel happy, joyful, ecstatic, sad, furious and sometimes overwhelmed. These emotions can then make their way to your physical being. For instance, if you are writing about something that makes you furious, you could end up with a headache.

Don’t give up when these physical symptoms show up. I’m mentioning it to you because subconsciously you may stop journaling because it seems you always get a headache or stomach ache during or after that journal session. This is normal. Persevere.

Some of the journal questions may be thought provoking and may dig up some old memories or fears. If they do, then the journaling is working.

It is important to enter the date you are journaling because throughout the series we will revisit some questions. It is interesting to see how things change after a few weeks or months of journaling. Also, it will be very interesting in years to come when you are living the life of your dreams and you come across this journal. It is great to see the progress and how writing gave you clarity to make your dreams materialize. You will be able to see and celebrate your progress.

Science has shown that putting pen to paper can actually get the creative juices flowing in your brain. If you really want to use your computer, go right ahead. Ideally, use lined paper.

Do not spend too much time just thinking about the questions. Just start writing whatever comes to mind. Take as much time as you need, but try to allocate at least 15 to 20 minutes per question. 30 minutes is ideal.

Question #1:
What three words describe what retirement means to you?
(ie: calmness, organized, scared)

Choose one word at a time from above. What pictures come to your mind when you say that word? How do you feel when you say that word? Does someone else come into mind when you say that word? Do you see yourself in a special room or home? Is the word grandiose, simple, depressing, uplifting, boring, exciting? What is that all about? (Ask yourself these questions for each word above.)

(ie: Calmness – I envision waking up each day and not rushing off to the office for my busy schedule. I can decide what I want to accomplish each day. Leisure coffee time watching the morning news and reading the paper. I feel very happy and calm, etc.)

Joan M. Gagnon

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