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Quarterly Update – September 2017

Genesis Wealth Advisors
Commentary, Wealth Management

  • Equity markets were mixed but clustered around flat; we see
    increasing opportunities outside the U.S.
  • Despite low inflation and wage growth, the Fed seems intent
    on raising rates and shrinking its balance sheet
  • GDP posted a 3% rise in Q2, but longer-term productivity and
    population growth challenges remain

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Don’t Let Market Volatility Scare You Into Abandoning Your Plan

Genesis Wealth Advisors
Wealth Management

Chances are, your financial plan is one that is well thought out and includes elements of growth as well as financial conservatism.  However, it is also an almost-certainty that your wealth management plan also includes stock investments.  Retirement accounts, college savings plans, and perhaps even an income portfolio all include stocks in most cases.  As a result, all of the recently volatility from the stock market can induce panic.

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